Protect the Future of Your Business

Protect the Future of Your Business

Learn about Chapter 11 bankruptcy law in North Bergen, Hudson County & Jersey City, NJ today

You love your business. You watched it grow from a small idea into a staple of the North Bergen, NJ community. Unfortunately, you also had to watch it suffer as you fell into debt. The Law Offices of Lazaro Carvajal understands how much your business means to you. Rely on attorney Lazaro Carvajal to help you protect it.

The Law Offices of Lazaro Carvajal offers comprehensive Chapter 11 bankruptcy law services in North Bergen, NJ and the rest of Hudson County. Attorney Carvajal can help you file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, also called reorganization bankruptcy, to make your debt manageable again.

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3 ways Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help you or your business

While Chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually reserved for large corporations, some small businesses are also eligible to file. If you qualify, reorganization bankruptcy can help you:

1. Keep your business from closing.
2. Work with creditors to restructure your debt.
3. Make your business profitable again.

To schedule a free consultation with bankruptcy attorney Carvajal, call 201-281-5577 today. He'll do everything he can to give your business a second chance.